Ao Nang Pool Villas

If you are looking for the ideal home for your holiday in Krabi, then you have come to the right place! With our pool villa rentals in Ao Nang we are dedicated to provide you a home away from home, so you can enjoy Krabi Ao Nang in the best way possible. Our exclusive Ao Nang pool villas that we present to you here have been equipped with everything that will make your stay one to remember. Each of our Ao Nang pool villas has its own unique character, but they are all very well suited to accommodate a group of friends or families.

Villa #1 and villa #2 are at only 50 meters distance from each other, so even for larger groups we can make it possible for them to stay very close together.

Our Ao Nang pool villas are all kept in the best condition possible, so what you see on the pictures is what you get. We all know the pictures of hotel rooms on various booking sites where the actual state of the rooms are different from what is shown online. We guarantee you that our Ao Nang pool villas are exactly as pictured on this website!

Please have a look at our Ao Nang pool villas currently on offer and click the image for more information and availabillity of your desired property.  

Ao Nang pool villas

Ao Nang Pool Villa #1 "Villa Pattama"

This villa has been carefully furnished to make it a very cosy and romantic place to spend your vacation. Many little details inside, a lovely terrace in the back and of course your own private pool make this villa a top choice. WARNING: Staying here can be a risk. You might not want to leave and miss out on what Krabi has to offer.




Ao Nang pool villas rental

Ao Nang Pool Villa #2 "Villa Ton Yaang"

This villa is the preferred choice for a group of friends wanting to chill out in Krabi with style. Apart from the private pool, this villa has a very spacious kitchen and dining area. Ideal for long meals and sitting around the table enjoying your drinks, looking back at another great day in Krabi. Great value for money! Like any of our Ao Nang pool villas.